To help clients achieve Worry Free IT, Network 1 offers several managed service programs that clients can choose ala carte:

1-Cloud (Hosted Services)
The promise of the Cloud is immense. However, the potholes and dangers of the Cloud are just as immense. For those companies that no longer want to own their servers and infrastructure we offer our 1-Cloud services. These are Private Cloud solutions so you don’t need to worry about co-mingling data or suffering performance slowdowns with other companies vying for the same resources. Click here to read more about our 1-Cloud services.

1-Guard (Anti-Virus)
Virus infection can cause the loss of data and severely affect the productivity of a user/organization. With 1-Guard, clients are always covered with the up-to-date anti-virus software licenses managed “worry free” by Network 1. Because this service is charged on a monthly basis licenses can be added and/or removed on the fly as the business expands or contracts. Click here to read more about our Network Security solutions.

1-Mail (Email & Spam Filter)
Our Hosted Exchange and Spam Filtering solutions comprise our 1-Mail offerings. Hosted Exchange gets companies out of the email server business and onto a reliable, hosted Microsoft Exchange environment. Spam Filter is built in for those clients who choose Hosted Exchange and can also be delivered as a stand-alone service. Spam Filter identifies and removes spam from the flow of incoming email before it ever hits the client’s network. The service also identifies potential viruses and spyware. Click here to read more about our 1-Mail services.

1-Shield (Firewall)
1-Shield is an all-inclusive firewall program that includes hardware, firmware, implementation, configuration, monitoring and problem remediation. Regular hardware refresh (at least every 4 years), firmware upgrades, configuration changes and maintenance via hardware replacement (2 hour guarantee). The firewall includes virus and spyware protection, content filtering (limit/monitor the websites your users visit) and intrusion prevention (blocks unauthorized attempts to gain access to your network). Network 1 also monitors your firewall via our dashboard and notifies you if anything needs to be addressed. Click here to read more about our 1-Shield service.

1-Vault (Backup/Restore)
Protecting business data is critical. 1-Vault, our offsite backup solutions, delivers numerous benefits compared to many other solutions: complete automation – zero human interaction needed; real-time data protection with backups occurring every time the “save” button is pressed; quick and easy file restoration (backing up data is required; however, successfully restoring that data, when needed, is the key to success). We have two 1-Vault solutions to meet our clients’ needs:

1-Vault CDP (Continuous Data Protection) click here to learn more
1-Vault BDR (Backup & Disaster Recovery) click here to learn more