Email & Spam Control

Email is critical to your business. If you’ve got Microsoft Exchange running on an aging in-house server you’re taking a risk.  Instead of getting a new server, consider moving to our 1-Mail Hosted Exchange environment for the following reasons:

  • Microsoft targets Exchange to run on in-house servers for companies with greater than 500 employees.  This means it’s extremely complex (expensive) for a small business to support.
  • The cost of a new Exchange server every 3-5 years – including hardware, software, and migration servers – can easily top $12,000.
  • On-site email will always be subject to hardware failures, internet outages and power outages.

Benefits of 1-Mail Hosted Exchange:

  • Five nines (99.999%) uptime Service Level Agreement
  • Unlimited mailbox size
  • Spam filtering included
  • All smart phones, except Blackberry, are included for no additional charge
  • No long-term contract; cancel any mailbox with 30-day notice

Already have email taken care of but looking for a spam filtering solution?  Our 1-Mail Spam Filter service eliminates the headache of dealing with unwanted email.  With 1-Mail Spam Filter you pay a low monthly fee for an all-inclusive anti-spam solution.  Get out of the hardware business and take back control of your Inbox.

Benefits of 1-Mail Spam Filter:

  • Fixed price:  All configuration changes are completely covered by 1-Mail Spam Filter.  This fixed fee plan means no hourly charges for spam-related items, configuration or troubleshooting.
  • Hosted solution:  The filtering service is located in a highly secure data center; its redundant Internet and power never go out.
  • Improved bandwidth:  Over 90% of all email is spam.  By moving the solution to a hosted environment, the spam is filtered before it ever hits your internet connection which increases your internet performance.

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