1-Shield Managed Firewall

1-Shield is an all-inclusive plan that includes a new firewall, firmware upgrades, monitoring, configuration changes and problem remediation. Network 1 owns the firewall and performs all maintenance on it. There are no unexpected invoices and we guarantee 2 business-hour hardware replacement in the metro Atlanta area if you ever experience a hardware failure. If you were to purchase direct from SonicWALL they would provide next business day replacement, plus you’d have to pay Network 1 to install it or do it in-house. In addition, your firewall comes included with:

  • Gateway anti-virus: stops all viruses at the firewall, before they hit your network.
  • Gateway anti-spyware: stops spyware from entering your network.
  • Content filtering: limit (or simply monitor) the websites your users visit, thereby keeping additional threats outside your network.
  • Intrusion prevention: monitors and blocks unauthorized attempts against your network.
  • Monitoring: we keep an eye on your firewall via our “dashboard” and notify you of anything that needs to be addressed.
  • Configuration changes: all configuration changes done by us are included at no additional charge; plus we get a daily copy of your firewall configuration file if we ever need it.
  • 2 business hour replacement of hardware, if necessary (next day replacement for locations outside of metro Atlanta). We handle all warranty renewals and problem remediation.
  • Hardware replaced with the latest-and-greatest firewall every 4 years at no additional charge (we call it “refreshed”).

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