1-Guard Plus Security Package

Hackers are targeting small- to medium-sized businesses with more frequency because these companies do not have the IT budget for network security compared to larger corporations. Attackers can enter your network through a plethora of methods, such as emails, advertisements, and all-around hacking attempts through weaknesses in the network. Users within a network are your biggest liability, as they are tempted daily through phishing emails and malvertising.

1-Guard Plus Security has 3 components to help thwart these attacks and is layered onto what is already in place on your network, including the firewall, anti-virus, and Windows patching.

  1. Increased Protection: Most malware threats are activated by clicking on a link in a legitimate-looking email that connects to a website. 1-Guard Plus uses Cisco Umbrella, which is built into the DNS, or the phone book, of the internet. Its advanced threat detection algorithms look at over 100 billion internet transactions every day (only Google looks at more). Most of the bad websites are blocked before they get in, and if they do get in and a user clicks where they shouldn’t, it will block the attempt and send a message to the user stating such. This component also works with your laptop when you are traveling.
  2. Increased Prevention: Currently, Network 1 installs monthly patches for all Microsoft products (Windows and Office) since this is a common way bad guys get in. However, security bugs in other applications such as Adobe Acrobat, Flash, Java, and others are routinely discovered. Using Ninite, the latest patches to these applications are downloaded and installed routinely, narrowing the security holes that bad guys can exploit.
  3. Increased Awareness: Everyone is inundated with email, including legitimate email, spam, and threats. Bad guys disguise their nasty payloads to look like emails from your bank, Microsoft, or a friend in order to get you to click on a link that will infect your computer, potentially destroying data or causing system downtime. Using KnowBe4, Network 1 sends your staff emails on a regular basis trying to trick them into clicking on links. If they delete the email, nothing happens. If they click on the email, they are taken to a safe website where they are trained to be aware of such emails and what to look out for. This builds the awareness and skill of your users, giving you a stronger “Human Firewall.”

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