Cyber Security Solutions

The bad guys are always working… and they’re getting smarter. Plus they can attack your computer from their basement in Columbia, India or the Ukraine!  What’s also frightening is that they are targeting small businesses, law firms and medical practices more than ever before.

What can you do? First, relax: you don’t have to spend millions to keep your network secure – and even if you did the bad guys could still break in if they wanted to: see Amazon, Sony, and the CIA in recent years. You do have to be more secure than your neighbor and you have to be smart about staying up-to-date.

Here are the major components in good network security hygiene:

Network Infrastructure

  • Have a tried and true hardware firewall in place
  • Get a spam filter
  • Make sure your wireless router is WPA2
  • Put anti-malware / anti-virus software on all servers
  • Stay current with software patches and upgrades


  • Have market-leading malware protection installed
  • Stay current with software patches and upgrades
  • Have a password policy in place

Network 1 has excellent solutions, like our 1-Guard Plus Security Package, 1-Shield Managed Firewall and our 1-Guard Anti-Virus program (see links below for more details).  And we have seasoned people who know the industry best practices for keeping your network secure.


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