protect your business with our advanced security suite

Network 1 continues to seek out the most cost-effective, powerful and synergistic layers of data protection for our 1-Guard Plus advanced security suite. 1-Guard Plus delivers, prevention, protection and real-time detection of unauthorized components on workstations plus increases employee awareness of phishing attacks. It includes:

  • Increased protection from malware and ransomware via advanced heuristics at the DNS-level deployed across 24 global data centers.
  • Increased prevention by patching / applying updates for 100+ common desktop applications outside of Microsoft (Java, Adobe, Flash, etc.).
  • Increased detection of breaches – including remediation – if anything malicious finds its way onto your network from the outside or the inside.

  • Increased employee awareness via tailored, monthly phishing campaigns (sent on purpose) that strengthen your “human firewall."


We would love to discuss how our 1-Guard Plus advanced security suite can help your business keep its assets and data safe.