improve flexibility by moving to the cloud

Tired of having onsite servers taking up space, using electricity, going down, and unreachable when you are outside of the office? Our 1-Cloud, powered by Azure, delivers:

  • Unlimited server resources as you grow
  • Microsoft’s enterprise level security
  • Redundancy and built-in backups
  • Reliability with 99.9+% uptime guaranteed by Microsoft
  • Secure remote connectivity

Our project execution team has seamlessly migrated more than 20 clients to our 1-Cloud environment giving us the knowledge and experience you need for your peace of mind.


5 Reasons We Believe Microsoft Azure is the Best Solution

Eliminates Capital Expenditures

Business Continuity

Only Pay for What You Need

Move at Your Own Pace

Security You Can Rely On


We would love to discuss how we can help you move to the cloud seamlessly and enjoy the greater productivity it can provide.