1-Vault Veeam: Automated Data Back-up & Recovery

Protecting business data is the most important priority at Network 1.  Our 1-Vault Veeam offsite backup solution provides for continuous local back-up to an on-site appliance as well as continuous back-ups to a secure off-site facility.

1-Vault Veeam serves as a single solution in which you can be assured that all your data is captured, protected and easily accessible in the event of a disaster or accidental file deletion.

Deliverables / Benefits

  • Starts with 500 GB of on-site / off-site storage and can scale up to TB’s.
  • Complete automation – zero human interaction needed
  • Backups occur at configurable intervals throughout the day; off-site backups are typically scheduled for after-hours (due to bandwidth) but are also configurable.
  • Up to X snapshots can be backed up / accessed
  • Install and configure backup appliance on-site and off-site
  • Technology upgrade every 4 years
  • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Monthly test to verify backup / restore functionality is fully operational
  • Remote and on-site remediation as needed; Network 1 responsible for all hardware warranties, software updates, and support

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