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Although two-thirds of our business comes from law firms or medical practices, one-third comes from other businesses.  The common denominator, no matter what industry, is that nearly all of our business comes via referrals:  34 of our last 36 new clients have come from referrals.

When a business other than a law firm or medical practice gets referred to us at some point they typically say: “if you can keep doctors and attorneys happy you can probably help us.” Our reply might surprise you: “We may very well be able to help you but we don’t know enough yet.  Let me ask you a few more questions to see if we’re a possible fit.”

hands-on-keyboardThe fact is, we’re not a fit for every business.  Nor do we pretend to be.  Out of all the companies referred to us in 2012 we helped 63% find a better fit for their needs.  It’s all about client satisfaction:  if we know we’re not a fit for them, that means they will be happier with a different solution so we introduce them to someone else.  We plan on being part of the Atlanta business community for a long, long time so it just makes sense to do the right thing for people – all of the time.

Conversely, when we are a good fit (37% in 2012), we fight hard to win the business because we know the company will be ecstatic when they experience Worry Free IT.  If the following applies to your business, Network 1 may be an excellent fit:

  • Main location: metro Atlanta – from downtown north along 75 & 85
  • IT is critical to the success of your business
  • The productivity of your employees is very important to you
  • You have 10 to 100 employees

“Pain Points” We Address

  • Loss of productivity due to IT “death by 1000 cuts”
  • Wasting time & money with finger-pointing between hardware/software/phone/etc
  • Dropped, inconsistent, slow and/or insecure remote access
  • IT support that’s not in tune with the demands of the business
  • No strategic IT plan in support of the firm’s key initiative