Improve Cell Coverage at Home

Poor Cell Cover at Home or Work? We Have the Answer.

Many of us live or work in areas of Atlanta that have poor or no cellular coverage.  Both of the main carriers have their dead spots (although you won’t see THAT on their maps) but the smaller carriers have them too.  As dependent as we all have become on our communications and always being available to our clients and coworkers, lack of cell coverage is frustrating at a minimum and unproductive and a competitive disadvantage at worst.

The Baby Bells have heard your complaints and have come up with a pretty good solution, called femtocells, that act like mini-cell towers, broadcasting wireless phone service just like a real cell tower, except that it covers a much smaller footprint, such as a house.  The device plugs into your high-speed Internet connection, like cable or DSL, then syncs with your cell phone.  Once it is properly programmed, it acts as a transmitter for your cell phone over the Internet.   The mini-cells are not perfect, they have a very limited range, but they are definitely a good solution for those who have limited or no cell coverage.

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