How To Physically Clean Your Network Devices

The main concern when cleaning electronics is not so much the chemical itself, but the moisture associated with the cleaning product. If you want to sanitize your electronics, we recommend Lysol/disinfectant wipes or disinfectant spray. If you don’t have any of those on hand, bleach, vinegar, and alcohol, can clean the sides and backs of an android or iPhone.

However, be cautious of using these harsh chemicals on your screens because they can breakdown the oleophobic coating that your phone uses to help fight fingerprint smudges.

If you are using wipes, simply ring out about 80% –90% of the moisture, clean the surface of the device, and immediately follow up with a dry cloth.If you are using a spray disinfectant, please DO NOT spray directly onto the device. Spray the disinfectant on a cloth first, then follow the same procedure as if it were a wipe.


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