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Courtesy of: Chase Petersen, Network 1 Sales Operations Associate

Are your displays – at home or office – not setup exactly how you would like them to be? Right-click on your desktop and select “Display Settings”, then make some tweaks.

First, click “Identify” to make sure you are in sync with how your computer has numbered each display. Drag the display to where you want it – this corresponds with how you drag your mouse to get from one display to the other. I like to have my Surface Pro 4 open and under my two monitors and then move my mouse up or down to change displays.



Scroll down in the Display menu to change resolution or select how the displays
interact with each other. Note: this can get complicated fast; here are a few
specific tips.

• Select the display from above that you want to change.


• Write down your current settings before you change any settings, so you can
get back to where you started if you want to.


• Get a quick tutorial from your IT Support Desk; I found this extremely helpful for myself.





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