Custom IT Presentations

Whether for work or play, today’s technology offers an amazing array of useful options that help you be more productive. Unfortunately, not everyone can figure out how to use them, and too often, many don’t even realize the options are even there to begin with!

The team at Network 1 Consulting realizes that technology comprehension varies widely. Listening to our clients and looking to accommodate their needs, as well as pulling from our own experiences, we’ve created customizable presentations designed to provide audience members with tech-savvy techniques and a greater understanding of all that technology has to offer. Addressing a variety of issues that are relevant for individuals, businesses and organizations alike, our speakers help you understand how to use technology safely and efficiently and even help you identify those little-known tricks that make your life so much easier. Network 1's featured speakers are:

Our friendly speakers are effective, compassionate teachers as well as expert technology professionals. We gently provide the understanding each attendee needs to fill in the gaps and come away with newfound confidence that inspires curiosity and facilitates learning about the tools you are using.

Topics can be customized based on the needs of your group, from a handful of folks to an entire organization. Popular topics include:

  • Time-saving technology
  • Mobile solutions
  • IT security for the small business
  • Cloud solutions
  • ePHI
  • Uncommon cloud challenges
  • IT best practices for your industry
  • Technology to help you grow your business
  • IT and your company culture
  • Technology trends for small business

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