Save Money on Telecom

Review Your Telecom Contract Annually to Improve Bottom Line Everyone is trying to cut expenses these days in order to remain competitive.  One of the easiest ways to save money is to revisit your telecom expenses.  These voice and data services are usually provided by a carrier such as AT&T, CBeyond, Paetec, WindStream (formerly Nuvox)…
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Windows 7: Don’t Wait to Upgrade

Upgrade to Windows 7 to be More Efficient The latest iteration of Microsoft’s flagship product, Windows 7, has now been out for over 6 months and many businesses have begun testing and using it in their environments.  The votes are in and Windows 7 is a big success.  We have used Windows 7 internally at…
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Apple Releases iPhone 4G

iPhone 4G released Preorders for the new Apple iPhone 4G have begun in anticipation of its release at the end of June, 2010.  Initial sales have been brisk and demand is expected to be high.  The 4G has many new features (see below) but the main complaint is that it will only work on the…
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Microsoft Office 2010 Reviewed

Microsoft Office 2010 Recently Released; Full of New , Useful Features Delivering on its promise to release a new version of its popular Office Suite, Microsoft has released the latest 2010 version of its business application.   The focus of this update was on 3 things: to make work flows more efficient, to effectively use Web applications…
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Office Copiers Not Secure

Erase Important Document Images From Your Leased Copier Before Returning Most of us use the office copy machine to photocopy just about any type of document and do not give a second thought about the security of the document because the original and the copy are in our possession. But most copiers built after 2000 have a…
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Strategic Planning – Better Manage your IT Costs

Network 1 Consulting can also provide C-level I.T. budgeting and planning so that you can better manage I.T. costs on an annual basis. All too often an I.T. provider simply fixes a problem without any view of the big picture. At Network 1 Consulting, our primary focus is on the long-term reliability of the computer…
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