ACT! vs. Cloud-based CRM for Small Businesses

Should I continue to use ACT! or should I move my CRM to The Cloud?

by David Gracey

This is actually a question we are getting from many of our Commercial Real Estate related clients – many of whom currently use ACT!

The starting point for all provider/solution comparisons should be functionality; i.e., does the solution do what you need, or, can the provider configure and customize the solution to do what you need (now and in the future)?

Additional criteria need to be taken into account as well when evaluating Cloud CRM solutions: provider viability, architecture and technology, references and support. Below is a list – provided by Saugatuck Technology Inc. – of leading, influential, and emergent Cloud-based providers of CRM solutions, many if not most of which can meet the majority of user needs.

Any discussion around moving to or deploying CRM in the Cloud should weigh the potential benefits:  lower costs, focus on core competencies, predictable expenses, and business agility.  And the challenges of the Cloud should also be included in the discussion: downtime, service level agreements (SLAs), information security, data access if Cloud vendor goes out of business, system integration and software customization.

When evaluating the potential of CRM in the Cloud, Commercial Real Estate related companies – as well as other small businesses – should weigh the benefits and challenges to determine the appropriate solution for their CRM needs.

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