Network 1 has all of the technology partners and certifications that you expect an IT Support company to have: Microsoft, HP, Dell, SonicWALL, Cisco, APC, Barracuda, etc.

These partnerships and certifications are the table stakes: you need these just to sit down at the IT Support table.

Our clients say the most valuable work we do with partners – and what sets us apart from other IT Support companies – is the following:

Owning / Quarterbacking Issues – No Finger Pointing: Not sure what the technology problem is? That’s okay; it doesn’t matter. We own it for you and engage others on your behalf until the problem is fixed.

Referring Top-Notch Service Providers: We’ve been part of the Atlanta business fabric since 1998. Over that time we’ve compiled a short-list of service providers, or partners, that are outside our scope of services and outstanding at what they do. When we think a partner can help a client, we introduce them. Here are a few important points about our referrals:

  • Our #1, #2 and #3 criteria: Will the partner do a great job for our client?
  • Our short-list has technology providers (phones, telecom services, cabling, etc) and business services (HR, payroll, consulting, marketing, etc).
  • We vet partners through practical experience: if they help our clients they make us look good.
  • Our short- list isn’t static. The partner has to keep doing high-quality work to stay on the list.

Our unique way of working with partners is another way we deliver Worry Free IT.

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