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Matthew Zimmerman headshot

Matthew Zimmermann

NOC Engineer

In his position as Network Operations Center (NOC) Engineer with Network 1, Matthew is responsible for the design, implementation, monitoring and management of client networks. Prior to moving into IT as a career, he worked in social services filling various roles with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 211 Information and Referral Network and the South Carolina Department of Social Services. He is known for his patience, flexibility and detail-oriented nature, all of which comes in handy in his current role.

Matthew hails from Aiken, SC and currently lives in Dunwoody. As someone who has always liked tinkering with computers, he loves that being an engineer allows him to constantly learn about new methodologies and ways to use technology. He even builds computers in his spare time, along with reading and consuming all sorts of post-apocalyptic media.


  • His favorite class in school was Ethics.
  • He is a frequent blood donor.
  • Fall is his favorite time of year.
  • If given a chance to travel anywhere, he would go nearly everywhere, including Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.
  • His favorite artist is MeWithoutYou.