Moving from Frustration to a Managed Plan that Delivers Results: Skedsvold & White, LLC


The law firm of Skedsvold & White is based in Atlanta and serves clients located around the globe, making a reliable, top-notch IT infrastructure to support their dynamic client base a critical priority. The firm had been working with a local IT provider and wasn’t getting the performance they needed. Kevin Skedsvold, a founding partner at the firm, describes their frustration: “I don’t think the other firm did well for us. Their services weren’t user-friendly and the customer service left a lot to be desired. We felt the personnel they assigned to us were not up to the task and didn’t address the concerns that we had.” Ready for a higher level of service, Kevin and the rest of the firm began looking around for a more suitable provider.


“Someone with an Atlanta legal administrators group told us about Network 1,” says Kevin. “We were thrilled when we met Tony and the Network 1 team. Just talking with Tony in that initial interview, I felt immediately at ease with them and could tell they knew their stuff.” However, Kevin wasn’t sure a monthly managed plan was the right direction for Skedsvold & White. “We compared them with other firms we were also considering, with some having a break/fix model, some with monthly agreements like Network 1, and others a hybrid of the two. But I felt comfortable with Network 1 and decided to give it a try.” The first step was assessing the client’s needs and getting organized. “We had a meeting to tell them about our issues and they came in and did an audit,” explains Kevin. “They then gave us a strategy based on what they thought we needed to do. We were putting in a server at that same time, and they came in and put things in order, helping us not be so discombobulated and helped us properly prioritize tasks.”


Three years later, Kevin is very happy with his choice. “Network 1 is very easy to work with,” he reports. “They keep us up and running and help us on the things we don’t know with IT, offering different options based on what we want to do or could do. They also understand Mac versus PC needs and any other platform we have questions on. Just as important, they understand the legal profession very well and what can, can’t and shouldn’t be done with regard to technology.” So how does working with Network 1 compare to Skedsvold & White’s previous experience? Kevin says, “We can always count on an educated and clear response from them, no matter who we speak with. Things are obviously going well in terms of their hiring, personnel and knowledgebase because every person there knows what they’re doing. I think some of their engineers are witches and wizards – they are really that good!”