Mopping Up An IT Mess: Kuck Baxter Immigration Partners


Kuck Baxter Immigration Partners is a nationwide practice that focuses on legal matters pertaining to immigration and related issues. Because they deal with sensitive data that has international and federal ramifications, it is important that they have the highest level of IT service and security at all times. “We had been using an IT provider that wasn’t up to the level of service that we needed,” recalls Chuck Kuck, the firm’s Managing Partner. “They hadn’t set the servers up properly, things would crash sporadically; it just wasn’t good. We couldn’t rely on them.”


Chuck decided to put the firm’s IT out for bid. “Network 1 was referred to us by a colleague and they submitted a bid.” Besides the fact that Network 1 had the qualifications necessary to get the job done right, Chuck appreciated their candor when discussing what was realistic given their needs. “They were up front with me and set realistic expectations. The other bidding firms were promising us anything and everything just to get the job, whereas Network 1 demonstrated they were not only skilled but also trustworthy and principled.”


Once hired, the team from Network 1 set to work quickly to get Kuck Baxter Immigration Partner’s IT back in proper working order. “Generally speaking, they’re the best IT folks I’ve worked with, and I’ve worked with a number of them,” states Chuck. “If my servers go down, that costs me money. They are responsive and have even been here all night to fix a problem.” In addition, the move to Network 1 has saved Chuck considerable money using cloud solutions versus onsite hardware. “They’ve done a great job cleaning up the mess from the previous IT group. They really understand our processes and provide recommendations to help us be more efficient.”


IT is critical for our firm and we are in growth mode. We had been having problems that were slowing us down. Network 1 was able to quickly come in and stabilize our environment and work with my staff to resolve their issues. I don’t hear about IT complaints anymore, which tells me we made the right move.

Charles Kuck Managing Partner Kuck Baxter Immigration