5 “Must Do’s” with an Android Phone

by Tony Rushin

Verizon Wireless now carries the iPhone, which means I’m finally looking to upgrade from my old, beat up BlackBerry.  However, the iPhone doesn’t support the lightning-fast LTE network Verizon just rolled out in Atlanta (and other cities).  That has many people, including me, looking at an Android phone.  If you get an Android, I strongly suggest adopting these 5 no cost / low cost tips:

  1. Test it with your Key Applications – Does it work, and is it easy to support with your key applications? Does it sync correctly with your email? Most likely it will – either directly or via an app you can buy – but every company’s network is a little different. Ask your IT support company for advice. Know that Verizon has a 14-day return/exchange policy (and there may be a restocking fee).
  2. Lock the Screen – Put in a simple password. This will protect your phone from unauthorized use and prevent a lot of headache in case it’s stolen. I know it’s a pain at first but you’ll get used to it quickly.  Grandma’s old saying definitely applies: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
  3. Apply Updates Regularly – Like any operating system, Android keeps finding and fixing things. Apply the patches. Follow the smartphone policies and processes your IT support partner has put in place. It’s good IT hygiene.
  4. Protect from Malware – There is good, free software out there to protect from malware and spyware. Lookout has a good reputation. Whatever you install, see tip #3.
  5. Be Ready to Wipe – Get an application that enables you to remotely lock and wipe your phone. This protects your data if your phone is lost or stolen. There are several apps that do this; if you use Lookout for malware protection you may want to simply upgrade to their premium license for $2.99 / month to do this.

Here’s an article that may be helpful.  And remember what Grandma says.  She may not know anything about smartphones… but she has a lot of wisdom!

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